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Download KITS 4.17

For All KI2x and KI7x series power meters, loss test sets, two-way and ORL testers.
Release date 29 Sept 2021, 10 MB README

KITS user manual

General Requirements:

  • Pre-requisites, full install (as of June 2021)

    • If upgrading an older version, manually uninstall the old version and restart Windows before installing the new version. Uninstalling KITS may leave two dll files, KIDrvNet.dll and KIRS232.dll, in the KITS program folder. Make sure to delete this folder, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Kingfisher\KITS. before installing a new version of KITS.
    • Computer Requirements:
      • Windows 7 to Windows 11 (Win 11 was tested 6 July 2021).
      • MS Office 2013 to Office 365 (Latest version, tested 23 December 2021).
        Office 365 must not be installed from the Microsoft Store. It must be installed using the Office Installer, which is available from the Office Portal (
        Windows "S" mode, and Windows on ARM devices are not supported.
        If KITS is installed without MS Office, a "Save csv" utility can download test data from an instrument. For Windows 7 or higher.
      • Legacy instruments with an RS232 interface, (pre-2008), will need an RS232 port adding, if your computer doesn't have one.
        If you have a desktop computer, a PCIe - RS232 adaptor card is a more reliable solution (Sunix has proven reliable), or
        If you have a notebook computer, you can use a USB-RS232 converter and add drivers. Either install this on all USB ports, or mark the correct USB port. 
    • Recent instrument firmware is preferred. Firmware Requirements:
      • KI7x instrument with firmware V5 and above.
      • KI2x meters and loss test sets with firmware V0.05 and above.
      • KI2x two-way instruments with firmware version 1.03 and above.
    • Non-English MS Office language environments are supported, and have these requirements:
      • English language installations of Office require a relevant language MS Office MUI (Multilingual User Interface).
      • Non-English language installations of Microsoft Office require the English language Microsoft Office MUI.

    Pre-requisites, instrument file dump function only

    This alternative KITS™ CSV "one button" memory download can be installed on Windows only, eg without needing any MS Office. (this feature also installs with the full version). This is installed on it's own by selecting "compact installation" during KITS™ installation.

Having other issues? See FAQ

KITS™ Instrument Driver only

Currently supported Windows 10 and above automatically installs a KI2x device driver if an instrument is connected.
You may need to install a driver manually if using an obsolete Windows version

For KI2000 series instruments

KITS™ Legacy Versions

Download KITS™ Legacy Versions

General Requirements:

  • Windows 95 onwards
  • Microsoft Office 98 onwards
  • Older instrument firmware versions