KI 7800 Optical Light Source (c. 2012)

The KI 7800 Series LED  / Laser Sources are general purpose instruments used for measuring multimode and single mode systems. Typical applications include attenuation measurement, and fiber identification.

  • Superior re-connection repeatability, < 0.1 dB
  • One button loss testing if used with a KI 3600 or KI 7600 Autotest meter
  • 190 hr alkaline battery life & external power
  • Supplied with metal free SC, ST, FC interchangeable connectors
  • Tone generator
  • Calibration certificates included
  • 3 year warranty and calibration cycle
  • Matching Optical Power Meter
  • Matching Power Meter with Memory & Reporting Software
  • Matching Test Kits or Loss Test Sets

Source options:

  • LED & laser sources for mixed single mode & multimode testing
  • Laser sources for single mode testing
  • VCSEL Laser source for multimode testing