Single-mode & Multimode MPO SC LC Test, Inspection & Clean Kit KI-TK035

KI-TK035 SM & MM MPO & MTP™ 9000 Ge

Typical applications

Low to medium test volume on SM and MM MPO / MTP™, LC, SC system. Inexpensive with good accuracy.

  • Customer supplies an MPO - LC/SC breakout cable.
  • Loss on SM fiber at 1310 & 1550 nm, 40 dB range.
  • Loss on MM fiber at 850 & 1300 nm, 20 dB (@ 62.5um) range, EF compliant.
  • This meter measures the power from any MPO fiber end, so it does not need re-connecting every time the test fiber is moved.
  • Software for cable loss reporting (manual data entry).
  • 12 fiber Multi-Fiber ID continuity / tone, 37 dB range.
  • Connector end-face inspection microscope x200.
  • Connector cleaning tools & materials.
  • Generally meets safety regulations & standards based test procedures.

Connector & battery summary

This kit has MPO, LC & SC connectors, the power meter also accepts APC polish connectors.
The source & meter use 2 x AAA alkaline batteries, minimum run time is 35 hours for the source.
The microscope uses 1 x AAA alkaline batteries, run time is 300 hrs, or external power via micro USB.

We gladly adjust kits to meet your exact needs.

Interchangeable connector adapters
General test leads  & cleaning materials

VFL pen
Video camera
Video microscope

Kit contents

Optical light sources


  • Economical shirt-pocket size source
  • Laser source for SM testing
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode


  • Economical shirt-pocket size source
  • LED source for MM, POF testing
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode
  • EF compliant

Interchangeable connectors


LC Simplex, metal body


1.25 mm Universal. Also fits duplex LC


MTP™ / MPO 12 x n style with central key. For XL power meters with a 5 or 7 mm detector
We also have Standards Compliant Test Quality MPO leads


MPO / MTP™ 12 x n style (not for x400 scope) Incorporates traversing knob.


MPO / MTP™ 12 x n style APC (not for x400 scope) Incorporates traversing knob.


Universal 1.25 mm PC, Simplex / Duplex and terminus for ruggedised connectors

Optical power meters


  • Simple shirt-pocket size power meter
  • Large area detector for MPO testing
  • Low-skill TamperLock mode
  • Ideal for transmission installers

Fiber inspection scopes


  • 200x microscope for inspection of SM, MM, and MPO networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors
  • Many helpful features



A classic MPO endface cleaner for both mated and unmated connectors


Sticks to clean MPO end face, particularly around the alignment pins
(Price shown is for per stick, sold in 10-stick pack)


  • Carry case sturdily constructed of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap.
  • Accommodates any three KI9000 style instruments.
  • This case is both sturdy and comfortable to use, and is the same size as the OPT153 "Small Fiber Test Kit"
  • Space for additional (not supplied): batteries, mandrel wraps, test leads, connector adaptors, additional documentation.