POF Plastic Optical Fiber Collimator Assembly

The KI-UBENCH is a unique and easy POF plastic optical fiber collimator assembly and is good solution for insertion into a light path of bulk optics devices such as attenuators, chopper wheels, beam splitters, sensors, analytical samples, vanes, etc. So it has a wide variety of applications, since POF is easy to couple to a variety of specialist light sources.

This is a stable, low optical loss, high quality, fully engineered product suitable for use with calibrated sensors and analytical instruments. It has a pair of matched collimators assembled and aligned using a red light beam.

The usable air gap is 6.2 mm wide and 4 mm below the optical center line.  A BK7 glass lens and standard 1mm PMMA POF are used, although other types can be requested.

The picture shows a Universal Optical Connector. Adaptors are available for: SMA, HFBR, SC, FC, ST, 2.5 mm universal, 1.25 mm universal, various POF-specific adapters etc.

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KI-UBENCH Fiber U-Bench, Collimator for POF


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This product is designed, made, and calibrated in Australia.

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